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We’re Jen, JR, Kelsey, & Lane – a typical family of four who felt the itch to break free from the ordinary life. We were your average American suburban family with the house in the cul-de-sac of a great neighborhood and the nice cars. We had it all but the picket fence. We loved our home, but we didn’t feel fulfilled. We felt like we were stuck in the rat race – a race nobody wins. And it wasn’t just Jen & JR; it was the kids, too. They felt the pressure so many kids feel today; the pressure to be at the top of their class, to excel in sports, and to keep up with a schedule that rarely allows any time off. We all were exhausted.


In July 2020, we sold our home and nearly everything we owned in pursuit of more. We longed for more experiences and more control over our own time together. Soon after, we purchased a Class A motorhome, spent a couple of months renovating it to make it feel more “homey,” then hit the road with just the four of us, the bare necessities, and our two English Bulldogs, Hank the Tank & Blue. We now live, work, and homeschool full-time from our motorhome while traveling the US. 


Family at Keys

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